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Episode 1: "Pilot"

Stefan: Wherever you go, people die.
Damon: That's a given.

Caroline: His name is Stefan Salvatore. He's a Gemini and his favorite color is blue.
Bonnie: You got all that in one day?
Caroline: Please. I got all that between third and fourth period.

Stefan: You won't be sad forever, Elena.

Elena: Matt and I together, it wasn't...
Stefan: Passionate.

Stefan: Stay away from Elena.
Damon: I take that as an invitation.

Elena: Dear Diary: Today will be different. It has to be. I will smile and it will be believable. My smile will say, 'I'm fine. Thank you. Yes. Much better.' I will no longer be the girl who lost her parents. I will start fresh. Be someone new. It's the only way I'll make it through.

Elena: I made it through the day. I must have said "I'm fine" 37 times.

Damon: Is it working? Being in her world? Does it make you feel alive?


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