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Episode 3: "Friday Night Bites"

Damon [on Stefan's journal]: Very Emerson, the way you reveal your soul. So many... adjectives.

Bonnie: I touched Stefan and I got a really bad feeling.

Caroline: I got the other brother. Hope you don't mind.

Tyler: Football is a contact sport. Sometimes, people get hurt.

Elena [to Damon]: Let's get one thing straight: I am not Katherine.

Stefan: It's time for you to go.
Damon: That's not a problem. Because I've been invited in. And I'll come back tomorrow... and the following night.

Stefan: They are people, Damon. She's not a puppet, she doesn't exist for your amusement, for you to feed on whenever you want to.
Damon: Sure she does. They all do. They're whatever I want them to be.

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